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Fortified city of Carcassonne

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fr    Fortified city of Carcassonne    Befestigte Stadt Carcassonne    Versterkte stad Carcassonne    Castello di Carcassonne    Castillo de Carcassonne    Город-крепость Каркассон    卡尔卡松要塞城市    Cidade fortificada de Carcassonne    Befäst stad Carcassonne    Omvisning i byen Carcassonne    Ufortyfikowane miasto Carcassonne    Οχυρωμένη πόλη της Καρκασόν
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 Fortified city of Carcassonne
Fortified city of Carcassonne

It is the beginning of feudalism: in 1082 Bernard Aton Trencavel, viscount of Albi, of Nîmes and of Béziers, proclaims himself viscount of Carcassonne to the detriment of the house of Barcelona, ​​having bought the inheritance rights of Carcassés and Razés who do not respond. Trencavel succeeds in winning. The city is then divided into 16 châtellenies: part of the enclosure, generally comprising 1 or 2 towers, is placed under the responsibility of a faithful noble.

Two towns are attached to the city: Saint-Michel and Saint-Vincent. Carcassonne is a prosperous and rich city during this period: the transit taxes of street vendors are high, sometimes reaching half of their products!

1096: Pope Urban II blesses the materials that will be used for the construction of the Saint-Nazaire cathedral.

1130: construction of the castle, repair of the Gallo-Roman walls.

1209 (August 1): siege of Carcassonne by the Crusaders (crusade against the Cathars). After 15 days, Raimond Roger Trencavel submits to Simon de Montfort and dies of dysentery in prison (official version ...).

1240: the son of Trencavel wants to retake the city of his father but will fail after 24 days of siege. The inhabitants of the village of Saint-Vincent were burned for treason. The village will be destroyed.

1248: Carcassonne is therefore part of the royal domain. Saint-Louis, who no longer wanted war with long sieges, fortified Carcassonne by building a second wall. Carcassonne as we know it has just been born. It allows residents, on their return, to build a city outside the city: there will be 2 parishes: Saint-Vincent and Saint-Michel, in memory of the 2 towns.

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